Needle goodbye, get the patch for withdrawals and vaccines.


The 361 microneedles in a patch the size of a five cent coin can replace the needle. A painless technique and that meets the people who are afraid of the sting. The innovative patch was developed at Queen’s University Belfast. The problem – The needle is efficient in administering drugs and to take blood samples to be analyzed but must insert a piece of metal in the body. This is problematic for many children, especially babies born prematurely who need medicines. Moreover, because of their vulnerability, the doctors frequently draw their blood samples. For withdrawals and vaccines – Ryan Donnelly with his research team has solved the problem with the small plaster with hundreds of microneedles. It is small and plastic and its microneedles penetrate only in the outermost layer of the skin. Not entering in contact with the nerves, causing pain or not come in contact with blood vessels. On the contrary, collect the called interstitial fluid surrounding the cells in the outermost layer of the skin. This fluid contains all the needed information to the doctor. Once removed, the patch leaves the skin intact. Also, the patch can be used to administer drugs, ideal for vaccines.