After the death of a loved one, the heart of the family is at risk of suffering a heart attack. In particular, the day after the death, the probability of suffering a heart attack is 21 times greater; this risk also extends throughout the first week, with a probability of myocardial 6 times higher than normal. The warning was launched by a group of cardiologists belonging to the Harvard Medical School, USA. According to the doctors, close relatives of the deceased are particularly at risk, and therefore have to get shelter. This conclusion emerges from a study, the results of which are available on the Journal of the American Heart Association. In the survey, experts have examined about two thousand cases of individuals who had suffered a heart attack and survived. In particular, researchers have focused on people who had had a heart attack during the first weeks after a death in the family. After reviewing all the cases, they concluded that the risk was significantly higher in the first days and weeks of the disaster. In Italy a similar case occurred last November, when two brothers died due to a heart attack within an hour in Catania, in Italy. This is the first study that focuses in the first period after a death; earlier studies had already shown that the companion of a deceased person, in the long run, had a higher risk of dying from a heart attack or stroke, and the phenomenon has been defined by the medical community as “broken heart syndrome”. The stress and the pain that involves the death of a loved one causes direct damage to the health of family members or close friends, that occur with insomnia, loss of appetite and depression. If the pain is deep, even the immune system suffers, and the more you can develop cardiovascular disease.